Monday, July 30, 2007


As I said before, a potato added to a pot of overly salted food
will bind the salt to it & make the food edible again.
Can scientists create a "collector" for excess CO2 ?
Many equally spaced would probably be needed I'm sure.
Then the question would remain of what to do with the excess CO2 collected.

Since there are no trees orbiting our planet,
would it be possible to synthetically change
CO2 to oxygen ?
Can this special talent of earth's trees
be copied by scientists & utilized in our upper atmosphere ?
They can clone animals & people, so how hard could copying
a tree's ability to photosynthesize CO2 to oxygen be ?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


The delicate balance of ingredients
that make up the earth & it's atmosphere
can be likened to a cooking recipe.
You can adjust the ingredients somewhat
and all will be well,
but a large imbalance of any of the ingredients
will surely spoil the dish.
This is a simplified simile of what we're facing today.
Just as adding a touch more salt might make the
food you're cooking even tastier,
but throwing in the whole box of salt will make the food inedible,
So it is with the recipe for sustaining life on earth.
A little bit of extra CO2 here & there
is great for helping plants grow.
MEGA tons of extra CO2 will make like on earth impossible.
I hope this little analogy helps to make
this enormous problem we face
a little easier to understand.
I've read that throwing a raw potato
in over-salted food can remove the excess salt.
It works for a little bit of excess salt.
How many potatoes it would take to remove a box of salt ?

I wonder what the cure for our atmosphere might be.
What "potato" might there be that can absorb the excess CO2 ?
Trees absorb CO2, but I just don't see us launching them into the sky !
I sure hope science figures it out in time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I just Joined Technorati

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Since all the Google Ad Sense Ads touting "Bulk CO2 For Sale"
disappeared from this site,
I have decided to add links that show the easy availability of CO2
& some of the uses for it. I will be adding much more.
You decide: Is it worth the destruction of our planet ?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Just imagine all the CO2 released into our atmosphere
from pop being opened,
and the ensuing gas being emitted,
during those "Live Earth"
and other "Green" marches, protests & rallies.

And for further hilarity, consider this:
Virgin Cola's Owner Sir Richard Branson
wants to help stop CO2 overload in our atmosphere
while his pop company adds plenty to it
and will gladly add plenty more if it means a profit to them !

After all, Sir Richard not only has the wherewithal
to leave this dying planet,he owns "Virgin Galactic"
so I'm pretty sure he'll find a seat available,and
he probably already has plans for "Virgin Outpost"
his new home away from home !
Accompanied, of course, by a few well paying "good friends".

Monday, July 9, 2007


I am desperate for attention to this line of reasoning !
It needs to be investigated & dealt with !
Remember I alluded to California's tough emissions laws ?
I also joked offline later about Arnold Schwarzenegger being
the only man alive tough enough for the job of dealing with
the manufactured CO2 mega industries !
Well, I just emailed the state's Governor himself,
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger !
Who knows?
Maybe he does read his emails.
And maybe he'll at least read this blog.
And maybe, just maybe, there might be hope
of reducing the creation of excess CO2 in our atmosphere !